Carpet padding, Bozeman MTOnce you’ve selected the type of carpet you want in your Bozeman home, you need to select the padding. Carpet padding is about more than just comfort – the type of padding you get can also influence how long your carpeting lasts. Both the thickness and the density of the carpet padding is going to matter in terms of longevity and comfort, and what makes your carpeting last longer isn’t necessarily going to be the most comfortable option.

Our team at Floor Coverings International Bozeman has gathered the facts about carpet padding to help you find the best option for your home or office.

Choosing the Right Thickness of Padding

It’s easy to assume that thicker padding is better, but that isn’t necessarily the case. The thicker your carpet padding, the more likely your carpet will stretch over time. If your carpet is a low pile carpet, such as Berber, this stretching can become very visible and wrinkles may even appear on the surface. A thicker, plusher carpet, such as frieze, may not be prone to wrinkles, but stretching will still occur and require that the carpet be re-stretched after some time. Most carpets will perform well with a 7/16-inch carpet pad.

Choosing the Right Density of Padding

In addition to thickness, carpet padding also has a density, rated by pound. Three-pound carpet padding is going to be very soft and light, but it’s also going to wear out very quickly. For carpets that are frequently replaced – such as carpets in rental units or commercial spaces – three-pound carpet padding may not be unsuitable. For those who have carpets expected to last decades, however, three-pound carpet padding is not ideal.

Carpet padding density can go up to about ten pounds, but while ten-pound padding is very durable, it’s also less comfortable. Carpet padding of eight to ten-pound density is usually used in areas that are going to experience a lot of foot traffic, whereas carpet padding of a six-pound density is more likely to be used in an area such as a bedroom.

Consider the lifetime expectancy of the carpet and the room in which it will be placed. These considerations can help you decide whether a higher or lower density carpet is right for you.

Because carpet padding is partially a choice of preference, it can be difficult to get reliable recommendations at a store. Before shopping, outline your needs and expectations for a carpet, and then a sales professional will be able to better help you. For most residential installations of moderate to plush carpet, a 7/16-inch carpet pad at six to eight-pound density is going to be the best choice.

Our team at Floor Coverings International Bozeman can help you make the right decision. We’ll come to you with our mobile showroom and help you determine the best carpet and padding for your Bozeman area home.

Photo by Andy Dean Photography