exotic hardwood flooring in bozemanAnyone who wants a unique hardwood floor for one or more rooms in their Bozeman home should consider an exotic hardwood. There are many options to choose from and they each have numerous advantages. When selecting an exotic species, however, it’s important to also be aware of the drawbacks. Here is a quick guide to exotic hardwood flooring from the team at Floor Coverings International Bozeman.

Benefits of Exotic Hardwood

One of the main advantages of exotic hardwood flooring is the look of the wood itself. These species often have unique grain patterns that you simply cannot obtain from any other type of flooring. The colors are also special, typically in deep browns, rich reds, and light blondes that many homeowners love. If you want a hardwood floor that exudes beauty, then exotic hardwoods are sure to be right up your alley.

What is more, most exotic hardwoods are extremely hard and durable. They can hold up to a great deal of activity, making them ideal for high traffic rooms. Teak, Brazilian cherry, and acacia flooring are all great examples of durable exotics. These floors can last for generations and stand up to moisture, humidity, and general wear and tear.

Drawbacks of Exotic Hardwood

Exotic hardwoods are typically more expensive than other types of hardwood flooring making them unsuitable for homeowners on a limited budget. Additionally, some homeowners have found that exotic hardwoods’ distinctive graining detracts from other furnishings in the room. These hardwoods can be a poor choice if you want to create a relaxed ambiance as opposed to a stimulating one.

Many exotic hardwoods are sustainably harvested, making them ideal options for homeowners who want to help preserve the environment. Lyptus flooring is a particularly good choice as it is almost always sustainably sourced. This isn’t always the case with all species, however. Be sure to check to labeling of any flooring product you buy to ensure it meet the standards for sustainable forestry practices. Our team at Floor Coverings International Bozeman can help you select flooring that is safe for the environment.

Furthermore, many types of exotic hardwood are difficult to maintain. Teak loses its sheen every two to three years and must be regularly oiled if you want it to retain its shine. Brazilian walnut flooring must be regularly swept and mopped because even small stains and bits of dirt will stand out.

If you aren’t sure if exotic hardwoods are right for you, consider the options. Our design experts at Floor Coverings International Bozeman can come to you for a free in-home consultation. We’ll bring samples for you to browse in the comfort of your own home. Remember, exotic hardwoods are available in numerous stains, grains, styles and price points, making it easy for homeowners to pick the wood that will look best in any room of the home.

Photo by Photographee.eu