We had our kitchen and entry way done in Norwegian Maple and it looks great.!
Frank Walker
Top quality products. Nobu Aoki is an excellent salesman and provides great service.
Mark and Debbie Quinn
everything. great job, thanks so much!
Nicole Wickens
The service was very good.
Jason Parks
Our house was a disaster after our floors were laid. Carpet scraps everywhere.
Eric and Brittney Sterkel
I would say just have the bid spelled out a little more so the guy installing the flooring is clear on what needs to be done.
Keith Bast
Customer service is first rate and so are the products. When we needed help fast, Nobu provided above and beyond, despite a very busy schedule. We are extremely grateful and couldn't be more pleased with everything from service to product to installation and crew. Thank you.
Marnie Brown
They were extremely generous with my scheduling as life threw us a few curveballs before the project came to completion. Once work began it was fast, efficient and looks very nice.
Thomas Parker
We like the flooring and had no issues with service.
Leota Fred
Personal service with a good guarantee. Local person to call with questions or problems.
Sandy Tursich