3 Ways to Clean Tile Grout

Cleaning your grout doesn’t have to be such an arduous process. Floor Coverings International® of Bozeman has prepared this helpful post with three great ways to clean tile grout in your Bozeman home. Cleaning Your Grout Whatever method you choose to use when cleaning your grout, there are a few steps to take before you... Read more »

4 Flooring Benefits You Might Not Have Thought Of

Buying new flooring has obvious aesthetic benefits. Old flooring that looks scuffed and worn can be replaced with brand new carpeting, vinyl, hardwood options or tile. Outdated styles can be updated with attractive, contemporary models and designs. However, there are many more benefits to having new flooring installed in your Bozeman that you might not... Read more »

Infographic: Polyester vs Nylon Carpet

Choosing the right carpet for your Bozeman home can be confusing. That’s why the team at Floor Coverings International® of Bozeman is here to help! Nylon and polyester are two common fiber types. Check out the infographic below to learn more about these options and consider which type is best for your next carpeted space.... Read more »

4 Ways to Choose Tile You Will Love Forever

Choosing new tile for your Bozeman home can give it a fresh look that is better aligned with your lifestyle and sense of decor. With all the different choices in styles and colors, however, it can be challenging to decide on one or two tiles for the long term. Here are some tips to help... Read more »

How To Give Any Home a Rustic Look and Feel

The rustic look is a simple yet relaxed style of decor that can also be surprisingly elegant. It is ideal for anyone who enjoys nature's beauty or who wants a home that has a warm, inviting feel. Following are some tried and proven ways to turn any room of the home into a rustic paradise... Read more »

Infographic: All About Carpet Flooring and Color

Curious about the origin of all those vibrant hues on the carpet in your Bozeman home? Even if you've never considered it, the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Bozeman think that you might want to know about carpet-dyeing methods since it can affect pricing, appearance, and longevity. Check out this multi-chromatic infographic to learn... Read more »

Hardwood Flooring & Bathrooms: What You Should Know

There are a lot of reasons that Bozeman homeowners might want to use hardwood flooring in their bathroom. Perhaps you want the bathroom to feel like a natural, continuous extension of the other rooms in your house, or maybe you simply like the way it looks. No matter the reason, it’s important to know about... Read more »

Best Flooring Choices for Your Home Gym

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or simply an empty nester with an extra room to fill, there are many reasons why you might be creating your own home gym. However, before you start moving in the treadmill and dumbbells, you’ll want to pick a floor that is appropriate for your new workout space. Here at... Read more »

Interview with Local Interior Designer Carol Merica

Floor Coverings International® of Bozeman had the great pleasure of speaking with successful and thoughtful interior designer, Carol Merica! Carol is a Senior Designer at Design Associates located here in Bozeman. You can follow Carol and her team on Facebook, Houzz, or their blog, Exquisite Dwellings. Please tell us a little about yourself. I am... Read more »

Guide to Popular Hardwood Flooring Species

Hardwood flooring is an exciting investment for any homeowner in the Bozeman area. Its beauty, durability and resale value make it one of the most desirable flooring options on the market. Yet, selecting a hardwood species is a big decision. There are many options to choose from varying in price, durability and aesthetic. Learn more... Read more »

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