Hardwood flooring is an exciting investment for any homeowner in the Bozeman area. Its beauty, durability and resale value make it one of the most desirable flooring options on the market. Yet, selecting a hardwood species is a big decision. There are many options to choose from varying in price, durability and aesthetic.

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oak hardwood flooring in bozemanOak

Oak flooring is undoubtedly the most popular hardwood flooring species in Bozeman and throughout the U.S. It is readily available and, therefore, it’s one of the most affordable solid hardwood options. It is easy to sand, finish and stain, and its rating on the Janka hardness scale ensures its durability for years to come. Red oak rates 1290 on the scale, while white oak is slightly harder at 1360. This is a perfect flooring option for active households with a traditional style.


Maple flooring has a lighter color and smoother graining than oak, and it’s very popular with modern and contemporary homeowners in Bozeman. Maple is also slightly harder than oak, rating 1450 on the Janka scale. This means that it will stand up well to scratches and dents, but it’s also slightly harder to cut and install. Maple does not take stain as well as oak, and it’s more prone to fading over time. It’s also slightly more expensive. However, for homeowners that love the spacious, modern look, maple is unbeatable.


Hickory hardwood flooring has a very distinct graining and color, and it’s a bold choice for homeowners. However, for Bozeman families that love the rustic look, hickory is a great option. It’s a very hard wood, rating 1820 on the Janka scale, and the warm brown and cream tones of the wood create a gorgeous floor covering for any room.

pine flooring in bozemanPine

Pine is technically a soft wood, and there are many varieties to choose from. Heart pine is typically the most popular variety. It is the hardest of the pine varieties, and it brings so much character to a room with its knots and prominent graining. The softer wood, ranking 1225 on the Janka scale, does make it more susceptible to damage, but for many homeowners this just adds to the character of the floor. Select pine with care, however. It may not be the best wood flooring option for resale value.


While not technically wood at all, bamboo flooring has become a popular eco-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring. Bamboo is technically a grass, but it mimics the look and hardness of a light hardwood species. Many homeowners prefer this option since it delivers the style and value of hardwood flooring without the same impacts to the environment.

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