The rustic look is a simple yet relaxed style of decor that can also be surprisingly elegant. It is ideal for anyone who enjoys nature's beauty or who wants a home that has a warm, inviting feel. Following are some tried and proven ways to turn any room of the home into a rustic paradise from the experts at Floor Coverings International Bozeman.

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Flooring plays an important role in creating a rustic environment. Hardwood flooring is often a good option, especially if you choose the right color and apply a natural finish that allows you to see the natural grain and swirls on the wood. Oak and pine are light colors that can be ideal for small spaces that don't get much natural light. Darker woods such as walnut or hickory are great if you want a rustic environment with a warm ambiance.

Gray is also a great color choice for any rustic home. Gray hardwood flooring is created by distressing the hardwood to make it appear weathered, and this type of flooring looks particularly great with stone walls or accessories.

If hardwood flooring is out of your price range, consider tile flooring that is made to resemble hardwood. It is available in many patterns and colors and can be installed in any room of the home. Make sure the tiles are not glossy so the atmosphere will be authentic.


Accessories may be small but they make a big difference. Some decorative items that can transform your home into a rustic paradise include decorative tree trunks set down in the corner of a room, plants in stone pots or glass jars, a log clock, wood or rope picture frames and a framed chalkboard. Wicker baskets also create a genuine old-fashioned ambiance. Put wicker baskets in various rooms of the home; they can come in handy as laundry baskets, garbage cans or even storage for extra blankets, throw pillows or magazines.


Thankfully, it is not hard to find rustic furniture for sale online, at furniture stores, and at garage sales. Wood furniture can be easily distressed to give it an old feel and appearance. An old fashioned coffee table is ideal for the living room and can act as a centerpiece for the room if you place a rustic decorative item on top. Add a few benches and framed wood shelves and your home will look like a cabin from the early twentieth century.

Other great rustic furniture options include a rustic headboard for the bedroom, rustic table and chairs for the dining room, and a rustic bathroom vanity. If you are concerned about water damage to a distressed wood vanity then consider one made from natural stone.

Don't forget the porch when creating a rustic home atmosphere. Wicker furniture is genuinely old fashioned and is also comfortable to sit on. A DIY porch swing is also a good option, as is a wood or stone bench. Add some lanterns to a side table and screen in the porch for added authenticity.

The rustic style of decor is very popular today, and it is not hard to see why. Thankfully, you can create this environment in any home. Put in the right type of flooring, add the right furniture and accessories, and your home will become an inviting, welcoming place that you, your family and your friends will enjoy spending time in.

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