comparing nylon and polyester carpets

Infographic: Polyester vs Nylon Carpet

Choosing the right carpet for your Bozeman home can be confusing. That’s why the team at Floor Coverings International Bozeman is here to help! Nylon and polyester are two common fiber types. Check out the infographic below to learn more about these options and consider which type is best for your next carpeted space. Photo Credit: © stockfour
carpet flooring Bozeman

Infographic: All About Carpet Flooring and Color

Curious about the origin of all those vibrant hues on the carpet in your Bozeman home? Even if you've never considered it, the experts at Floor Coverings International Bozeman think that you might want to know about carpet-dyeing methods since it can affect pricing, appearance, and longevity. Check out this multi-chromatic infographic to learn more, and contact the…
Master bedroom flooring in Bozeman

Best Flooring Options For A Luxury Master Suite

A master suite should be a place where you start fresh in the morning and unwind after a long day. If your bedroom needs some work to turn it into the retreat you’ve always imagined, start from the ground up and select a luxury floor covering. Here are some ideas from our team at Floor Coverings International Bozeman
Making Small Spaces Look Bigger

Flooring Tips for Making Small Spaces Look Bigger

Feeling space challenged in your home? Don’t worry; there are numerous effective ways to use flooring choices to create the illusion of more substantial square footage. Use the following flooring design tips to help expand the space visually in every room of your home. Light Colors Create an Airy, Open Feel Choosing lighter color palettes…
Dog on carpet

Best Carpets for Bozeman Pet Owners

Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring choices for Bozeman residents. Carpet keeps your home more insulated, making it warmer during the cold winter months. Living in the pet-friendly city of Bozeman, many homeowners have dogs or cats. Along with the joy and the fun of having furry family members comes the constant challenge…
Carpet vs. Hardwood

Deciding Between Carpet and Hardwood Flooring

Flooring is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make. Carpet and hardwood are two of the most popular flooring options in the greater Bozeman area. Homeowners love the warm and cozy look of carpet, as well as the classic and timeless style of hardwood. Which type of flooring is right for your home?…