Home Office in Bozeman, Floor Coverings InternationalCreating a designated space where you can do your best work at home is a great way to feel more productive and organized throughout your life. Whether you work from home full time or just need a desk to sort the mail and pay bills, these tips will help you set-up a home office that fosters concentration and productivity.

Make It Inspirational…And Functional

Working at home is not the first priority on most peoples’ list. Home is where you want to relax and spend time with family and friends. That said, sometimes it’s necessary to log some hours from home. Having a home office space that feels inviting and inspirational will make those work hours less painful.

Good lighting is essential for a home office. Place your desk near a natural light source, like a window or door. Sunlight is a great mood booster, and you will be able to gaze at the scenery while you think deep thoughts. Lamps are also important for the darker hours of the day. Overhead lights can be harsh and ineffective, while desk or floor lamps can provide a soft, direct light. In addition to lighting, calming paint colors, green plants, and your favorite artwork can invite you into the room and inevitably keep you there to work.

While the design of the space is important, don’t forget function. While a cute vintage desk and chair might look good, it may not be very comfortable while you’re typing away at the keyboard or trying to spread out your paperwork.

Find Some Peace and Quiet

Finding a quiet space is especially critical if you live in an active household with children or pets. While the kitchen is a logical place for a desk, it may not invite your most productive work. If you have a designated home office, lucky you. All you need to do is close the door! If you have an open floor plan, as many modern and new construction home do, consider using bookshelves or installing a sliding door to designate your office space and create a buffer between the desk and the rest of the home. Placing carpet or an area rug in the office is also a great way to dampen noise and improve the comfort of the space.

Clear the Clutter

Once you put the effort into setting up an inspirational home office, the last thing you want to see is a huge stack of paper waiting for you on the desk. Storage and organization is key to an office that is inviting and productive. File drawers are an obvious storage solution. Consider decorative boxes and trays to keep other items out of sight, yet close at hand.

As we move into fall, having a home office set-up and ready to go for office and school work is a great way to ensure the whole family gets a productive start to the year.

Photo by Africa Studio