Area rugs are a great addition to rooms with hardwood flooring. Many homeowners in the Bozeman area love the look and the benefits that area rugs provide. When adding an area rug or runner to your décor, there are some key issues to consider. Read on to learn more from our team at Floor Coverings International Bozeman.
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Comfort and Safety

For those who have achy joints but love the look of hardwood flooring, the soft surface of an area rug or runner is helpful. It’s easier on ankles, knees and hips. It also helps protect against slips and falls, which is beneficial for the whole family, from the elderly to small children and pets.

Even with the benefits, keep in mind that area rugs can present a tripping hazard. Slip-resistant padding is necessary to keep rugs and hall runners in place. Also, always hire a professional installer when adding a carpet runner to a staircase. Keeping carpet taut, especially when wrapping it over projecting, “bullnose” edges, requires careful fitting and stapling.

Types of Rug Pads

In addition to choosing a rug pad that minimizes carpet movement and provides sufficient cushioning, you need to select a type that won’t harm the finish on the flooring. This is particularly important for resale – hardwoods are very desirable to potential homebuyers, so you want to keep them in excellent condition.

Experts sometimes disagree on the best types of pads for protecting wood floors. For example, some say synthetic or recycled textile fiber pads are sufficient, whereas others swear by natural felt, wool, rubber or a natural felt/rubber hybrid.

However, all seem to agree on avoiding pads containing polyvinyl chloride, because PVC interacts adversely with the polyurethane finishes common on many hardwood floors. This interaction may discolor and mar the flooring finish.

A Look and Price that Fits You

Many pre-made area rugs and runners are intricately patterned and available only in fixed widths and sizes. Rugs can also be very expensive. For lower cost and ultimate design flexibility, consider having a broadloom carpet cut and bound to your specifications.

Another benefit of custom-made broadloom rugs and runners is that they can create greater design continuity from one part of your home to another. For example, you may want the same broadloom product as wall-to-wall carpeting in a contiguous room.

Get In Touch

Whether you are interested in hardwood flooring or want to soften and dress up your existing floors with carpets, a visit with our Bozeman specialists will help you define your ideas and needs. Contact our team for a free in-home consultation to explore a broad range of solutions.

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