flooring good for familiesChoosing flooring for your home is no easy task, especially when there are little ones in the picture to consider. You don’t want to substitute style for practicality, but you also don’t want to have to change your floors again next year due to avoidable damage. Floor Coverings International of Bozeman is bringing you some ideas on flooring for your home that works for all members of the family!


Hardwood flooring is more delicate than other floor types, but it’s still obtainable for homes with families. Consider placing hardwood in spaces most frequented by adults, such as a home office or formal dining space, and out of play areas and living rooms. If keeping the flooring consistent throughout the home is important, placing area rugs in high traffic areas will minimize wear and tear. Spills are easily cleaned but must be taken care of quickly, or else the hardwood material will warp.


Another popular flooring option among families is carpeting. It’s no secret that children are prone to slips and falls, so having a cushioned landing surface can minimize injuries and tears. Children are also notorious for spilling liquids and dropping food, so many parents worry that one accident will ruin their beautiful floors. However, most carpets today are stain-resistant and if messes are cleaned promptly, staining should not be a reason to avoid carpet as the flooring for your home.


While hardwood and carpet are often the go-to flooring options for most homeowners, those with children should consider the up-and-coming cork flooring. Cork is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic, which can be great for homes with kids. It’s softer than hardwood, so like carpet, parents don’t have to stress about trips and tumbles. It’s also easy to maintain, but prone to scratching, so make sure to place rugs in frequently used areas.

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Photo: Goodluz