plush carpet flooring bedroom BozemanWhile “carpet” and “exciting” might not be two words that are often heard in the same sentence, if you value comfort, looks, and versatility, there are some pretty darn good reasons to be excited about plush.

Plush carpet is one of the most reliable and popular styles of carpet flooring for homes in the Bozeman area. Read on for a quick rundown on plush carpet from the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Bozeman.

What Is Plush Carpet Flooring?

If you conjure a mental image of carpet, the picture in your head is most likely plush. There are many different styles of carpet – saxony, Berber, frieze – but plush is by far the most common and most universally recognized.

Plush carpet has a soft, cushioned surface (as the name would suggest) of uniform height and texture. Plush is also a cut-loop style of carpet, which means that all of the fibers on the surface are sheared to make the texture feel softer. And as is the case with any carpet, variations in twist or fiber can affect the carpet’s appearance, feel, and functionality.

Why Should I Use Plush?

Here’s the main point: plush is one of the most comfortable floor coverings you can possibly have in your home. It’s great for areas like living rooms and bedrooms where you want to lounge, because it offers temperature and noise insulation, underfoot cushion, and a huge array of design possibilities.

Plush is also known for imparting a more formal look to the rooms it’s in because of the uniform texture. But don’t be scared away: even if you don’t intend to go for a high-end formal design in the room, plush carpet provides a neutral design element for you to work with.

What Else Should I Know?plush carpet flooring samples Bozeman

Don’t forget that plush carpet requires regular vacuuming in order to keep dirt and allergens from accumulating, and the surface tends to show foot and vacuum marks, so it’s not as desirable for high traffic areas like hallways and stairs.

And though it may seem like all carpets are vulnerable to stains and spills, plush carpet is actually slightly better at repelling moisture than other styles, because the uniform surface keeps water from sinking into the backing and subfloor. Many providers also offer plush carpets made of stain and water resistant synthetic materials, or natural fibers such as wool.

Transform the Floors in Your Home

Let the team at Floor Coverings International Bozeman translate your excitement into long-lasting and beautiful carpet floors for your home. We’re proud to serve Bozeman and surrounding areas, so schedule a free consultation with our mobile showroom today!

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