Bozeman homeowners looking to improve their multi-story homes without breaking the bank should look no further than stair carpeting, also known as a stair runner. This simple addition provides style, comfort, and safety to households everywhere. Your local Floor Coverings International Bozeman will provide you with expert council to install a practical stair runner that complements your home beautifully.

Stair Runner in Bozeman


With stairs in your home, safety should be the number one concern. While we all tend to be sure-footed, a slippery surface can be a recipe for disaster. If your stairs are made of hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or tile, you’re at a high risk for slipping and falling if you’re quickly moving up or down, or if any moisture is left on the steps, such as snow during a cold Bozeman winter. A runner is an easy fix that will add traction to your stairs and cushion for each step.


On top of the safety benefits of a stair runner, it can also transform a home into a luxurious space. Instead of a simple staircase, a runner will bring brightness and style that you never had before. We proudly carry a wide selection of carpeting from modern color palettes to bold patterns that will warm up your home in Bozeman. Speaking of warm, have you ever had to walk down your bare stairs in the early morning before the house has warmed up? Well you’ll never have to worry about cold feet anymore!

Stair Runner in Bozeman


Getting the carpet into your home is a piece of cake. We lay down the runner with a dense padding to protect your existing floors underneath. This will actually prolong the lifespan of the foundational floors by absorbing the impact of frequent foot traffic. The runner and padding are attached with small staples that won’t ruin the look or quality of your floors underneath if you ever decide to remove or replace the runner.

If you’re worried about fully covering your floors, we can modify the width of the carpet to hold a substantial border that showcases your hardwood or tile underneath. We provide a wide selection of styles, and we can easily find a carpet with a color scheme that compliments the floor and your existing features.

We believe that with all the options you have for your stair runner, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one for your Bozeman home. If you can’t picture it yet, call us for a free in-home consultation and estimate from our mobile showroom to help you find the textures and patterns that work best in your home.

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