hardwood floors in bozemanHardwood floors are a timeless flooring option for any Bozeman home. Seemingly insusceptible to trends, hardwood floors contribute to the creation of a warm, welcoming space and also serve to increase property value with time.

Benefits of Hardwood

  1. Compared to other flooring options hardwood can be easily swept, vacuumed, or mopped on a regular basis. Unlike carpet that requires intensive cleaning or tile that’s vulnerable to mildew buildup when exposed to prolonged moisture, this material is easy to manage.
  2. For homeowners that have allergies, hardwood is a great option. Carpet tends to collect dust, pollen, and other allergens, a non-issue with hardwood.
  3. Not only timeless, hardwood also ensures design versatility. Area rugs can spice up any hardwood floor, and can also provide protection in high traffic areas.

Downsides of Hardwood

  1. Unfortunately, hardwood cannot provide the type of sound absorption provided by other materials, like carpet, a factor homeowners should consider if they have bustling homes in which quiet might be desired.
  2. This flooring option lacks the insulation offered by carpet, which helps to maintain heat in colder climates. Adding an area rug or combining hardwood with carpeted flooring will ensure all rooms stay cozy throughout the winter.
  3. Hardwood is more dangerous than other flooring types when it comes to slips and falls. Like tile, hardwood is slippery when wet and if something is dropped it’s more likely to break.

Overall, hardwood is a great option for all different types of homeowners. Busy families will appreciate its durability against stains and spills, and can avoid the stress of intensive carpet cleaning and replacement. Similarly, homeowners without children will likely enjoy the classic feel hardwood affords their home, a long-term investment that will improve property value with time. Here at Floor Coverings International Bozeman we look forward to helping you find the perfect hardwood floor for your needs. We proudly serve the Bozeman areas and offer free consultations.

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