Teak Hardwood Flooring in BozemanHomeowners in the greater Bozeman area invest in solid teak flooring to add value to their homes. Teak is an exotic hardwood flooring option known for its water-resistance and durability. Depending on its origin and finish, coloring can vary from a more neutral color to striking reds and rich browns. Learn more about teak below and consider if it is the right choice for your home.

About Teak Flooring

Teak hardwood comes from Southeast Asia. Besides flooring, teak is a popular wood choice for boatbuilding due to its resistance to rot. This resistance to rot, fungi, and mildew comes from teak’s high oil content. Teak also has a high tensile strength, meaning it holds up well to stretching and pulling forces. However, it has a relatively low hardness with a rating of 1000-1155 on the Janka scale.

Where to Use Teak Hardwood Flooring

Due to its softness, teak is not recommended for high traffic areas such as entryways or dining rooms. Instead, teak is commonly used in bedrooms, living rooms, and dens. Also, pet owners should be aware that their pets can leave scratches in this flooring. Protect your teak floors with area rugs and furniture pads.

Teak comes in solid and engineered forms. Engineered hardwood has a teak veneer layer overtop multiple layers of wood or plywood. Depending on your budget and how long you want your flooring to last, engineered hardwood may be the best option for your home. With proper care, solid teak flooring can last for several decades.


Like most hardwood flooring, teak offers easy maintenance. Simply sweep, dust mop, or vacuum and use only a damp mop when wet mopping. Teak should be oiled occasionally and can be refinished several times throughout its lifetime.

Your Local Bozeman Hardwood Flooring Experts

If you are considering installing teak or other hardwood in your Bozeman home, call Floor Coverings International Bozeman and schedule a free in-home estimate. Our design associates are happy to help you choose the best hardwood flooring that suits your design needs. Using our mobile flooring showroom, we bring hundreds of samples straight to your door.

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