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At Floor Coverings International Bozeman, we help families in the greater Bozeman area find the perfect floors for their homes. Many families love the look and feel of white oak. This gorgeous hardwood strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. Read on for more information about white oak and why it is so popular with Bozeman homeowners.

Simple, Refined Beauty

White oak isn’t a flashy hardwood. It has subtle grain lines and subdued swirls, making it an excellent choice for modern homes. Ranging in color from beige to medium brown, this versatile flooring option can find a place among pretty much any existing décor.

Built Strong

Some of the oldest homes in Bozeman feature white oak hardwood floors that are decades old. White oak has a Janka hardness rating of 1,360, making it a practical choice for Bozeman homeowners. With minimal maintenance, white oak floors can last for generations. This makes it an excellent investment. In addition, white oak features a closed-pore cell structure. This means that it is resistant to water. In fact, white oak was once commonly found on oceangoing vessels.

Sustainably Sourced

Another major advantage of white oak is its minimal impact on the environment. This deciduous tree is native to the northeastern United States, where it is sustainably grown and harvested. When you choose white oak, you are choosing an eco-friendly flooring material that directly contributes to the American economy.

Learn More

Bozeman homeowners trust Floor Coverings International Bozeman with all of their flooring needs. With thousands of flooring options, we know that it can be daunting to choose just one hardwood. That is why we offer our mobile showroom. Simply book an appointment with one of our highly-trained design associates and compare flooring samples from the comfort of your living room. Call to learn more about white oak and find the floors of your dreams today!

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